Why Arcady Group?

  • * We do what we like.
  • * Arcady is a leading company specializing in the import of products such as bathroom accessories, tires, tools in general and A / C. With the highest standards in quality and price.
  • * We address both large, medium and small companies, in order to meet all needs and to give a hand to all those entrepreneurial companies anywhere in the world.


  • * Our activities began in 2003 and since then we have been characterized as a dynamic company, the result of the investment of the Rivas Velasquez Family and interpretation of future needs of the industry, has consolidated its position in the market.
  • * Our added value is based on fair treatment we give our customers and the time we dedicate to attend to their requisitions and provide intuitive management tools through its own infrastructure and hand contact with specialized personnel in the area.

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